How to make a presentation” is among the most widely used keyword search phrases on the web because people want to learn how to present well when speaking about something in front of so many people, especially strangers. It also happens to be the subject of a great many books on just what can be done to ensure that people like what you say.

Presentation skills are not going to sprout up out of nowhere overnight, of course, especially from any book, much less any ol’ book on the topic, of which there are a large number going back thousands of years, even. However as with anything in life practice should make perfect and the secret is to really take to heart what these kinds of books have to offer.

By the same token, a professional speaker knows a lot of things which are not in these kinds of books, things that require the kind of first-hand experience that’s honed over many years or at least many attempts. You get good at something by doing it, and like any art the ability of public speaking requires not just an understanding of the theory but actual mastery of the practice.

Another way of becoming a better speaker might be, ironically enough, to try one’s hand at writing. Such an exercise frees up the soul, in time anyway, which is a necessary ingredient for successfully engaging a crowd: the ability to invest all your heart and soul in delivering a message. By the same token, writing, real writing, should engender an expansion of the mind (or “soul”) such that one’s very capacity for the recently mentioned “heart and soul” should likewise increase.

Unorthodox musings, to be sure, and perhaps not immediately practical, or ever practiceable – but it’s the truth, all the same: delivery has to do with character, in the sense of who and what one really is. Writing (and, by a further extension, reading) may help bring it all out.

A variety of network marketing systems exist on the internet today. Sometimes known as MLM, or multi-level marketing, network marketing uses the power of exponents to create scope and depth that converts into increased sales and profits over time.

What’s the power of exponents? Basically this, that two becomes four, which turns into eight, which turns into sixteen — then thirty-two, then sixty-four, then a hundred and twenty-eight, then five hundred and twelve, then over a thousand…and so on.

That’s the power of exponents.

And that is what all MLM or network marketing systems utilize. Recruit one person, who in turn recruits two, each of whom recruits a further two to give you – they are your network. Therefore from one person in your network, you now have seven! That’s seven people working for you, because in a network marketing system everyone “kicks up” a specific percentage of the revenue. Therefore the more people you recruit, as well as the more they recruit, the more money you make!

The internet makes these kinds of systems easier to create and manage, what with automation and a slew of options. The worldwide web itself is a network (it is, after all, a web!) and so perfectly suits network marketing, exponentially – yes, that word again – increasing its scope and depth – yes, scope and depth.

“Scope” refers to range while “depth” relates to quality. Not only does the internet boost your range by leaps and bounds, the nature of the medium is such that quality contacts are much easier to make and maintain. Not like in pre-internet days when network marketers needed to rely on somewhat hit-or-miss media such as print or radio, the internet allows for really precise targeting of your audience, your market. Web analytics can tell you how many impressions are served up, what number of click-throughs occurred, and of course what your conversion rates are – just for starters!