Eye Protection Is Essential Because Sight Is Primal

I’m really concerned about my eyes.  I’m going to get eye protection and use it from now on.  Freak accidents happen all the time, after all!  I love to engage in rigorous physical activities, and I really ought to get some protective goggles for my eyes.

Can’t imagine being blind.  Just can’t.  Would much rather be deaf — and that’s saying a lot, considering how much I enjoy music!  But tragic as it would be, I’d rather not hear than not see.  And I suspect that most people would make such a choice, were they to be so confronted.

Why is that?  Why is sight considered the primal sense?  I guess that’s just how human beings are.  Most animals, in fact.  Which is why bats and so forth are so interesting.  Dolphins and other whales, too.  Living by sonar…what kind of a worldview could that be?

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