Fine home accessory sculptures are likely something of a misnomer, for though labeled as “accessories” these items are in some ways almost essential to building a home out of a living space. Think about it: everything else being equal, an apartment or house which contains personal touches is like a home, whereas one without them seems like…well, simply an apartment or just a house. Home accessory sculptures really express one’s personality, even more than pictures or choice of wallpaper or color of wall paint. They’re three-dimensional, after all, and that also in itself is aesthetically striking enough! These figurines are much like furnishings in how practical they are, albeit in a psychological sense.

Human hair wigs are far more expensive than most synthetic makes, but of course there’s nothing quite like the genuine article, in the end. Many consumers believe they are able to tell the qualitative difference between most representative samples of the two types and will go out of their way to search for products manufactured from natural human hair. Though technology keeps improving, it appears that only the most expensive of synthetic fibers can hope to simulate all the tell-tale characteristics of human hair – but then again, at the prices such samples sell for, one may as well purchase the real thing, which would then cost only slightly more.