Interested in targeted internet traffic for your site?
Then you will need money – or a great deal of time on your hands, which can be money anyway in business terms.
That’s because it is now well over two decades since the worldwide web became graphical and well-liked and a mass medium in its own right comparable to print, television, and radio – only with the costs of production absurdly low, such that everyone and his or her literate cat and dog has a website and is, indeed, monetizing it in one way or another, whether through affiliate marketing programs or Google Adsense or what have you.

Needless to say, most folks don’t have so much time on their hands, even though everyone with online ambitions will require targeted internet traffic for sure.
How to find it, then?
There are many ways, which may be used in conjunction with one another (expensive) or deployed in lieu of each other.
The quickest but most expensive way is to just pay Google for ad placement.
This works for many.
For others, it does not, for various reasons, often none of which constitutes a “fault” of the entrepreneur.

Then there is SEO.
Search Engine Optimization.
Making sure you’re listed at the very top of Google’s rankings, top three if not number one.
(Page One is not bad, but not necessarily a financial windfall, either; Top Three is best.)
But this also costs money, although it ought to be considerably less expensive than merely placing ads with Google itself.

Other means exist to draw in targeted internet traffic, but in the end, even the most effective marketing in the world can’t help a lackluster website, or one that’s totally user-unfriendly.
So do not lose sight of the forest for the trees!
Make sure to offer value and support along with convenience.

It’s tough to get small business loans – or so as compared with rather recently. That’s merely two or three years ago, actually. A stretch of time, naturally, but in a way not too long. It wasn’t so long ago when credit was easy and money all over the place. But obviously, that’s what got the economy into the fix to begin with. Well, I won’t purport to fully grasp all of it any farther than I can throw a ton of economics textbooks, but I do suspect that at the root of it all is good ol’ human nature, with all its greed and gullibility, never mind wishful thinking and just plain laziness. Hell, I know, ’cause it takes one to know one!