We all know that smoking is bad for the health of both smokers and also nearby non-smokers, but think about using so-called smokeless cigarettes?

These are gadgets frequently promoted by resellers if not always the makers themselves as safer options to traditional cigarettes.
Indeed, it is controversial that they’re completely safe if the user chooses a flavored solution that contains no nicotine at all!
Both smokeless and potentially nicontine-less: that’s the electronic cigarette today.

Needless to say, most who purchase such devices do so for the nicotine content.
The market is made up mostly of current smokers who are looking for a better way to smoke or simply another way to do so.
And certainly the novelty factor involved is not to be underestimated – which is why the majority are concerned about their accessibility to children.
For instance, while regular cigarettes are banned for sale to minors in the State of New Hampshire, e-cigarettes usually are not.
Compounding the worries of such people is the fact that the flavored solutions used are available in, well, numerous flavors, from cherry and chocolate to coffee and even banana split!

Having been only developed in 2003, with American availability only since about two years ago, controversies abound in regards to the devices, though some recent developments have been favorable to the industry.
Besides a court decision that has kept the United States Federal Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory impulses at bay, a just completed Boston University School of Public Health study finds these products being much safer, in fact, than conventional cigarettes and even of potential assistance to smoking cessation efforts.
For a variety of models now exist on the market, and it’s no problem finding one where no tobacco or smoke is concerned, rendering the inhalation of vapors mostly harmless – indeed, stated previously, nicotine is often not even necessary.

Melissa and Doug toys are popular with parents who wish to raise high-achievers.
These toys are generally thought to be “educational,” and have been such bestsellers that the company can boast of expanding every year for eighteen years in a row since its founding – and still counting.
So how did the Melissa and Doug brand because so successful, exactly?
After all, the market is full of educational toymakers, never mind “general-purpose” toy manufacturers with a devoted educational toy line.

Who knows.
But regardless of the reasons, they most probably have to do with nothing more than good old-fashioned business savvy.
And it starts right from the beginning: a Melissa and Doug job interview has become famous for its durability, as challenging as any to be found in the hi-tech industry.
Trying to land a position with the company is so difficult that it’s even been compared to interviewing for the likes of a Microsoft or Google!

According to the Bernsteins, the eponymous founder-owners of the business, it’s all intended to find the best talent for the money.
The cuddly soft image they promote to better sell their products belies an incredibly profitable corporate machine with well over a thousand employees all over the world.
Underneath the brightly colored exterior is an old-fashioned owner-run business where maximimum money-making is the name of the game.
Hence, despite being originally made in the United States, most of their offerings are now manufactured in China so as to maximize the proverbial bottom line.

This same attitude infuses employing decisions.
Hence, the tough test – yes, literal examinations – given as part of the long, careful, detailed drawn-out selection process.
And the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes: the Bernsteins have been able to grow their company every year, as mentioned at the outset, since starting it up – eighteen years ago and counting.

While gun safes are lawfully mandated in a few jurisdictions, it is always a good idea to stow firearms in a safe manner.
Proper storage of arms and munitions also serve another purpose, a political one.
It shows that gun owners truly are responsible, helping to conteract the negative media images of crazy gunmen shooting innocents for no purpose at all.

Yes, yes, it’s something of a stretch; leading by example does not always work.
But in the battle for hearts and minds over this issue, it is worth noting that support for gun control has dropped over the past two decades – and it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that the use of gun safes have aided.

Back in the year 1990, a Gallup poll indicated that that almost eighty percent of those surveyed favored tighter gun controls.
In the end of that decade, support for such laws waned to a small majority of sixty percent of respondents.
This year, that’s all down to just forty-four percent.

It feels right.
With demands like mandatory gun safes, one would anticipate that support for even stricter gun control need to decline, as many – or, as it would now seem, most – people only want to feel safe; it appears that most folks just want to know that those owning guns and even bearing them are responsible and clever.

Indeed, a diverse majority opposes any outright bans – almost seventy percent.
And so it maybe that education and outreach – which contains setting the right instance – can continue to win over fellow citizens.

Let’s be clear: many of them do not deny the fact that criminals will get their guns no matter what laws are in place.
What our fellow citizens are so concerned about is usually a bunch of drunks getting into an argument and having an incredibly public shootout!

Playing the part of responsible gun owner should help ease such fears.

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