Having targeted internet traffic in your site is the end-all and be-all of the worldwide web today.
If you don’t have traffic, you might as well not have a site.
It’s the ol’ epistemological connundrum, whether a tree really fell if it fell with no one to have noticed it dropping….

Therefore, no visitors, no site, for all practical worries and functions.
And by “visitors” or “traffic” we mean volume-loads of ’em; it’s a numbers game.
A few hundred per month is not adequate.
Even though a few hundred a day is rather respectable, it’s not particularly “targeted internet traffic” of the kind required to accomplish even a degree of financial independence (and making a nice living is the whole point of being online, isn’t it?).
Back, then, to our original question of just what makes for such amounts of visitors.
And the fact is as simple to say as it is challenging to do: top Google ranking for a good or great keyword.

That’s precisely what it takes, getting a leading five (if at all possible, top three) placement on the first page of Google’s search results page.
Make that, and you’ll be made for life, accompanied by a constant never-ending stream of visitors.
That, along with the right keyword.
Get them both and you won’t be concerned for targeted internet traffic in your life again!

Okay, but exactly what is the correct keyword?
It’s a good or, preferably, great one.
Okay, but what exactly is that?
It’s whatever search term the maximum number of your potential customers would certainly make use of to find anything you provide!
Sell widgets?
Then the keyword you have to win (that is, secure a top three ranking for) is “widgets.”
If it’s too competitive – if Amazon or the New York Times has got it (meaning that they’re in the top spots and will never ever move) – you will want to target something a little less ambitious, something alternatively less competitive, such as, for example, “widgets on sale.”

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