The affiliate marketing successes just keep pouring in: the most recent case history concerns one Ashley Qualls, a seventeen year-old who’s become a millionaire by simply giving away totally free MySpace layouts.
It’s no joke.
A teenage girl in high school makes seventy thousand dollars a month by giving stuff away for free.

Chalk another one up to the magic of affiliate marketing and its exponential power.
Ashley Qualls made a website that’s simply a repository of her styles for MySpace profile pages which anyone can download totally free.
Her site attracts seven million visitors each month and sixty million page views.
That’s gold to advertisers.
And it’s become gold for Ashley Qualls.

Affiliate marketing works.
The actual challenge lies in coming up with something that lots and lots of people may go crazy for.
Another great internet riches success story concerns an Arnold Kim, who as a professional blogger now makes income in the same six-figure range he used to as a medical doctor, only he gets to stay home with his four year-old daughter.
He happened upon his financial destiny whilst still in school, having started up a site dedicated to rumors about Apple products.
As one of the first, he quickly developed quite the captive audience and, with all those eyeballs, advertisers came calling in equally quick succession.

That’s all it takes to make money online – traffic.
Visitors, repeat and unique (first-time).
It’s basically monetized like any other medium, whether print or broadcast.
Important differences do exist, but where fundamentals are concerned you will need numbers; you’ll need people.

Now how to get all those people?
Yet again, providing something of great interest to a vast amount of people.
Basically, the same first principle of any company.
Discover a need and fulfill it!