Getting GSM cell phones is easy these days thanks to the worldwide web. It’s amazing what this little thing called the internet – of which the WWW comprises one of the most important parts, no matter that colloquially the two terms are treated as synonyms – is generally used for on a daily basis. While primarily used by scientists and educators at first (well, in truth the very first intention was for a means of communications that would survive a nuclear strike), one of its most popular uses everyday is to conduct business over great distances – namely, sales.

A multitude of GSM cell phones can thus be purchased easily, quickly. Thanks to the web, shopping for your next handset is a simple matter of logging on and reading a few reviews. The reviews of fellow consumers really help empower shoppers like almost nothing else. These reviews are necessary since marketers can even manage to fool Google every so often. This means that a lot of what purport to be reviews of GSM cell phones (or anything else, really) are just plants – planted reviews, planted material, stuff that’s been planted to mislead at best and totally misinform more often than not! That’s right, it’s an eternal war between consumers that just want to make informed purchasing decisions and the online marketers whose job is to simply create more publicity and sales for a company.

Things have gotten so bad that even otherwise reputable consumer review sites have been subject to such efforts at misleading shoppers. A commodity like cell phones is especially open to such ploys, given the sheer volume of business that involves it. So what’s a consumer to do?

Indeed, many – many things. The most important thing to do is to talk to the retailer. It can be helpful to talk on the phone. Is it the same guy answering the phones all the time? Does anyone pick up at all? Is there even a telephone contact listed on their site? An address? And is that address accurate, or one that isn’t just an office in the mail-forwarding business?

For all the plants, however, the most reputable consumer review sites are trustworthy and should be consulted. Most scammers and bad businesses do not have the money to spend on the kind of online marketing efforts necessary to clear their names – for if they had the money, they wouldn’t be in such dire financial straits that they would need to resort to shafting so many of their own customers! So reviews sites are still important; just make sure that those are reputable, too!