Video marketing is now considered to be vital if you want to be a successful marketer on the internet. Once your are successful you will have plenty of time to test out your best golf driver on the range. YouTube is the most recognized brand for online videos and its rise exemplifies how quickly technology impacts marketing online. Alexa ranks web sites for web traffic and YouTube, which was founded in 2005, is ranked third. Videos are uploaded to the web site literally each second and viewings top a billion every day, so YouTube is not going anywhere soon. Animoto is an online company that can assist you in getting your videos uploaded even if you are totally new to this.

If you would like to make videos that have a pro feel but you don’t know how, then Animoto will help you to do just that. It cannot cater for each kind of video presentation you may wish to make but for certain it can help you to get something online very quickly. You can sign up to use the service for free, so getting started is easy although until you upgrade, you are restricted to 30 seconds per video. When it comes to the upgrades available, they are all relatively affordable with Pro members having access to everything. This is essentially what you would want if you are using it commercially because of what this lets and the fact that your videos will not then display the Animoto branding on them.

As for making a video, this is all really easy and step by step. Before you move on to the content of your video, you will be presented with different options for your background style. The next screen is where you start to construct your video and the first task is to select some images. Animoto has its own selection you can choose from or you can upload some from your own computer including retrieving them from Facebook. A mixture of images and words is possible here which is probably something that you would want to do.

Music is the next feature you can include, with Animoto having its own library you can choose from or music you have downloaded yourself can be used. The Animoto music choices can be played first and you can then use one that you feel will be right for you. The music selected can be edited if it turns out that it does not sound right and this means that you do not have to put your video online until you are happy with it. At this point you are ready to let the video be produced once you have entered a title and description for your video.

The Animoto page will change as soon as the video is ready to play and they will send a message to your email address which all takes no time at all. The end result is a video of high quality that may surprise you when you think about how easily the whole process was to follow. You can send it directly to YouTube at this point or if you need to make several modifications, you can choose to do that too.

If you wish to start putting together your own videos, Animoto is an easy solution.