Isn’t it strange how there could be such a thing as ethics continuing education at all?  I mean, isn’t there such a thing as common decency, an innate sense of fair play that’s native to us human beings?  Does anyone really need to be taught right from wrong — especially the highly salaried professionals such as are normally subject to continuing education requirements?  Apparently: no, no, and yes.

Like anything else, practice makes perfect.  But with practice goes theory — which is where the “ethics” and “continuing education” come together.  It’s important to remind everyone what is expected of them, what should be expected of them.  It’s important that each profession, whether it be medicine, the law, or accountancy, strictly hold its members responsible for how they execute their duties, taking care not to sully the field by their negligence or misconduct.  No, these things don’t come naturally, and so yes, they are necessary.

Using an herbal incense is common these days, but only so for yoga studios and the like.  Its use in the home or, even, at the office is still quite infrequent.  Why is this, when most people will readily acknowledge that the pleasant scents help reduce tension and foster greater productivity?

Well, like much else in life, it’s probably a simple (and simultaneously complicated) matter of perceptions.  Such incenses are probably associated with drugs and partying, or, at best, with “play,” with personal “down-time.”  But then why aren’t homes usage levels anywhere near that found in Pilates studios and the like?

Good question!  So where are the good answers??

The first time Aminka Ozmun sat down to write a story was when she was eight years old. Being an only girl with three older brothers, she would sometimes retreat into a fairy-tale world of her own making when tired of football and videogames. After a spell spent modeling, she pursued a medical education but has now decided to give it a go writing romance novels, in particular paranormal romances and romances involving black women and Asian men.

That’s right: black women and Asian men.  An unusual pairing, it seems, even in the year 2011, even in New York City, that most diverse locale on the whole planet — which is precisely why Aminka Ozmun has decided to take on the task of “raising public awareness” of the matter!  Mainstream media representations heavily influence popular culture, and she finds disconcerting the continued lack of depictions of interracial romance, especially between black women and Asian men.  As an author, she hopes to help shape society’s perceptions in a positive way regarding the small but growing worldwide “movement” of black women and Asian men coming together romantically!