Camping Tent Sex the Best on Earth

Okay, so camping tent sex won’t win against doing the nasty in a home all of your very own — unless you truly are a nomad not just at heart but literally (I believe it is the Roma who observe that houses are the tombs of the living) — but consider that the very unusual circumstances involved serve only to heighten arosal and surely it will come in a very, very (very) close runner-up. After all, there’s a certain transgressive nature involved in doing it almost in the wide open, albeit under a canopy and even under covers, just the same, in all likelihood, and also at night, which is absolutely pitch black in the wilderness.

Thus, camping tent sex is literally the best there is on earth! The semi-public nature of it makes everything about as titillating as the full-fledged variant! It’s the ultimate case of having your cake and eating it too. Few experiences can compare; the only better ones would be joining the Mile High Club and, perhaps one day, copulating in orbit! But for now, keeping things down-to-earth (literally!) is the hottest thing on earth.

Especially if you do it in a “Big Agnes tent,” a brand that isn’t only sexually suggestive under certain circumstances but provides good bang-for-buck (no pun intended!) quality in all circumstances. Okay, so maybe this whole tent sex thing is a bit overrated. After all, not too many ladies are going to just want to sleep in the woods with barely any creature comforts. It would be too distracting, from fear of being seen (hey, you never know if there just happens to be an axe murderer on the loose) to insects to the lack of personal hygiene facilities, each of which fact will lower the libido tremenously on their own, never mind in concert.

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