Is a WordPress Shopping Cart in Your Future This Year?

Well, think about it: Is a WordPress shopping cart in the plans for your e-comm website this year or not?  Many people just use the built-in APIs provided by PayPal, Amazon Payments, or Google Checkout but there are quite a few advantages to having your very own system installed on your site.  First of all, with most packages you get to customize the look and feel to perfectly match your online store’s existing design.  This is a very big deal since it would be visually, and thus psychologically, jarring to your website’s visitors to suddenly be presented with something that looks totally different.  And just imagine what they would think when they see that they are, in fact, on another website altogether!

That’s because without a WordPress shopping cart of your own installed, you’re relying on PayPal (or Amazon, or whomever) to handle your e-comm back-end for you.  This means sending visitors to their websites in order to process the transaction (which also happens to be why it’s very hard to customize the look and feel to match that on your site, since it’s their sites, after all, that you’re using).  It’s as if you opened a grocery store, only to send your customers down the block to the bank to pay for their purchases!  Weird way of doing business — but it’s convenient for many people to sell online in an equivalent manner.  If you expect to make any serious money, however, a more professional solution should be considered.

Such as — you guessed it — having your own WordPress shopping cart on-site to take care of your sales.  Another advantage by “doing it yourself” is that your customers can keep shopping on your site instead of being sent to an offsite payment processor for each and every purchase.  That’s right! Each and every purchase would occasion a trip down the block to the neighborhood bank, so to speak.  Without a cart system of your own, you’re relying on a third-party to handle your transactions — and they can’t provide any cart systems for you since they don’t have the kind of access to your site that they’d need to (and, more to the point, that’s not what they’re in business to provide anyway).

But having your own shopping system in place does.  An online cart solution integrates with your site seamlessly, and the best offerings available do it easily, too.  Unless you’re selling an extremely low number of products and don’t expect customers to buy different ones all at once, you practically need your own shopping cart system!  And the best thing of all is that sometimes, depending on your exact needs, your cart may be free.  Yes, free!  Totally free of charge.  So check it out — click on any of the hyperlinks in this article to read useful reviews of all the various options on the market today for your WordPress-powered business website!  Make 2012 the year you finally take that first step towards making money online for yourself.  It’s all possible now thanks to modern technological breakthroughs.  Do it for the financial independence you and your loved ones deserve!

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