Everyone’s busy “texting” these days, chatting, twitting, what have you. E-mail is so 1990s, isn’t it?

Well, that’s precisely the reason why you need to get off those free e-mail accounts and finally get one of your own, with your own brand! Email hosting isn’t a lot of money at all now, so what are you waiting for?

By using an e-mail account that has your own domain name on it, you are showing that you are a real business, one with the means to afford the simple necessities. That inspires no small amount of trust and confidence in a would-be customer! Properly branded email hosting goes a long way towards establishing yourself and your business as authoritative in your industry. After all, who would you rather turn to yourself for a product or service; someone whose e-mail contact shows that he or she has an account at his or her own company or someone who wants your money but uses a free and anonymous account that everyone else uses for non-critical matters?

Just think about it: Do you really want your customers to receive serious business-related communications from a free and anonymous e-mail account? It just doesn’t look professional! Especially when commercial email hosting today is just so inexpensive. Ask yourself what looks better, your newsletter coming from or And speaking of e-mail newsletters, you should be aware that many mail servers (computers that handle e-mail) will “blacklist” as a matter of course anything coming from known free e-mail accounts! That’s because such services are used by spammers, thieves, and other unsavory types due to how easy it is to sign up and that it’s free and anonymous to boot!

Don’t put yourself, your business, or your customers at risk: Get a real account for electronic communications today!

If you like your herbal incense strong, you should try something called K2. No, I’m not referring to the second-tallest mountain in the world here, I’m referring to some sweet sweet herb that when burned gives off a relaxing scent that soothes the nerves and inspires the mind! Okay, that’s just the marketing hype — but I can tell you honestly that it’s something many yoga studios find useful, and that should tell you something right there.

It’s really cool, and many other places are starting to catch onto the benefits of burning an herbal incense. Now don’t be turned off by that word “burning” — maybe I should say “light up” instead (though that might invite a whole other set of associations!); no matter what you call it, you’re likely to experience more tranquility and thus productivity. Don’t believe me? I didn’t buy the hype either myself once upon a time. But then I actually got to experience it firsthand, unwittingly too, and when I found out the reason for my feeling so good I decided that this thing was for real!

Just be sure you get the real deal, of course. Not all such products are the same, as can be imagined. For example, many things are labeled as some kind of an herbal incense when they’re just made out of nothing but paper! All right, so you might think that since paper’s made from wood it vaguely qualifies as “herbal” or plant-based — but that’s really stretching it, don’t you think? Apparently the manufacturers of such phony products don’t agree, and since there isn’t too much regulation in this industry yet it’s “buyer beware” all the way — but one reputable company is referenced by the links in this article; click on any one of them and see for yourself the details!